April 18, 2008

Snails can be adorable pets (II)

Snails are not only nice decoration for the fishbowl; they can also be adorable pets that can live alone or with other animals.

There are two types of snails, that due to their differences, each kind has a particular care.

Water snails

  • Also known as conches, water snails are small and have eye-catching colors (they present different shades of green and yellow).
  • They can live alone or with other small sea animals in a fishbowl. You better leave 8 inches free of water, since they lay their eggs in the dry areas.
  • For hygiene reasons, when changing the fishbowl water add chlorine tablets to prevent diseases.
  • You can get them pet stores for $1 each.
Terrestrial snails
  • Mostly known as escargot, these snails present a brown or coffee-like color and they can reach up to 10 inches (as the ones in Ecuador). Their feeding is mostly vegetal; they eat lettuce, papaya leaves, and any other edible leaf.
  • The best place to have soil snails is a delimited place in your garden or a humid place with compost so they can comfortably lay their eggs on.
  • You can get them pet stores for $2 each.
Source: El Universo


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