February 12, 2009

How to choose aquarium snails

On a previous post I talked to you about the role of aquarium snails, now I am going to teach you how to choose good team mates for your fish aquarium that will help improve the water environment instead of wreaking havoc. 

Apple snail in aquarium 

These are good choices of snail species for your fish aquarium:

Apple snails (Ampullariidae family): Apple snail is the most sought-after variety of this family because of its beautiful and eye-catching orange color. Though beautiful and goof for your fish aquarium, you have to raise it in a separate environment from the other sea animals because if you let them reproduce in large quantities they will end up turning to plants to survive.  

Ramshorn snails (Tropidiscus planorbis): it has a dark red shell and measures just 5mm. It is a very peaceful snail and the great news: it eats detritus and wastes, no plants.

Ghost shrimp (Natantia gen sp): these handsome snails are the favorites of aquarium aficionados; it has very little possibilities of becoming a plague. Though, they can reproduce easily, so you better raise them in a separate place so their baby snails can be safe from the aquarium inhabitants. They love eating the rests that sit at the bottom of the aquarium. 

Mystery snails (Pomacea Bridgesii): I call it this the cleanser because it does the whole cleaning job, and he does it fast and thoroughly. This buddy only eats algae, no other vegetal unless it is covered by algae. Definitely a must-have.

What type of snails do you have in your aquariums? 

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