September 30, 2006

The most wanted exotic pet online

In the last years there has been produced a great pet exotic demand of the most assorted species; from midget rabbits to snakes.

For instance, iguana pets are very popular. There are over 300 species of this scaled and short-legged reptile, between terrestrials and marines. As for their behavior, they are lazy and indolent. They live around 40 years. Females start reproduction at seven.

Amongst the tortoises, the most wanted is the South American “red strip” (8 inches approx.), green and oval shell. They eat fish, larvae, amphibians, molluscs and vegetables, since they habitats are puddles and lagoons.

Another demanded exotic pet is the midget rabbit or exotic rabbit, specie that appeared just 30 years ago. It is very appreciated for its unique size, resistance and easy care. Besides, these mammals –no, they are not rodents- have the advantage of not acquiring human disease and not transmitting them.

Lizards belong to the saurian family and eat insects. Among the most requested are: chameleons, anolises, etc.

On the other side, their maintenance is not so expensive, since they can be kept in cages and their feeding is base don pellets. They are adaptable, caressing and do not make disturbing noises. They live approximately for 10 years.

But, undoubtedly the most popular exotic pet nowadays in the States and Europe is the ferret. The main inconvenient o this animal is its bad smell.

Last but not least, the last trend in exotic pet care is installing a pet aquarium at home, in which you can have fish in salad water, octopuses and midget sharks. Nevertheless, this alternative can be quite expensive for the high maintenance requirements.


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