October 02, 2006

Choosing an exotic pet

Taking a pet home by impulse, with no understanding the real commitment it implies is a big mistake. For instance, some people buy pet rabbits in Easter time without thinking they will have the animal for 5 to 10 years!

Therefore it is important for all the family members about the animal care responsibilities and who will be responsible of what like feeding, brushing, cleaning, taking it to the vet and buying the pet supplies.

Anticipate the medical needs and exercising activities of your pet. Calculate how much it will grow to have enough room. Generally, cats, rabbits, bird pets and other small animals can get adapted to any space, but pet dogs need much more space to run and jump. Analyze in a realistic way you and your family’s lifestyle. If you work till late and if you children do other activities after school, who will look after the pet? If you are a frequent traveler, what will you do with your pet?

Pet experts also recommend finding out which infectious disease may have an exotic pet. For instance, ticks are disease carrier, as Lyme disease.

You have to consider the medical records of your relatives related to pets, like pet allergies, you should better ask the doctor to make pet allergy tests to determine if anyone at home would be allergic to certain exotic pets.


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