October 06, 2006

Exotic pet for sale: Why we want an exotic pet for?

It’s a fact: the pet exotic market is moving fast in demand and prices; though pet experts alert over exotic pet care and the danger of illegal animal trading.

If you want an exotic animal you must have clear you have to pay a higher price than for a dog or cat pet. If you pay cheap, it is for sure the animal comes from the black market. Unfortunately, some people do not care on furtive hunting; they only watch the price…
But, actually exotic pet prices are the key of originality, because originality is inexpensive. A six-meter albino python implies a much harder effort to get and is not as common as a Chihuahua dog, for instance.

Beyond the initial motivation, the truth is that you need some extra income to support your new pet in conditions as similar to the natural ones. In general, reptiles must be kept in 26 to 35 degrees, which can be done with heaters, stones and mats. For iguana pets, beard dragons, leopard Geko or chameleons, these have to be exposed to ultraviolet light that allow them to produce vitamin D for calcium assimilation.

As for exotic pet feeding: It is not recommended to give lizards insects picked up from the street, because these may contain insecticides: a boa or python just needs one mouse per week, and iguanas can only eat fruits and vegetables.

After having these important these factors, the question remains: why having an exotic pet at home?
For some people who live in small apartments and want to take nature into their homes to give it a more “savage” environment to their gray and dull places; and there are other who do it for snobbism, especially among people between 15 to 30 years old who want to project themselves through the exotic animal.


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