November 11, 2006

Nice pets: Tortoises

One of the favorite pets by children and adults is the tortoise. The care of this sympathetic animal does not require a big effort. Having tortoises at home is positive for children’s education that among other things will learn to get in charge of responsibilities such as feeding and maintaining the cage or house of the pet.

Tortoise care

Acknowledge on tortoises has advanced a lot. Therefore, leaving the tortoise on the garden at its own is not enough. These reptiles deserve all kind of attentions and they are interesting company pets. Thus, you can offer a tortoise the same attentions as with any other domestic animal: housing according to its need, good nourishing and reproduction possibilities.

Some tortoises are protected by law, as the European tortoise and the Mediterranean. In both cases, it is banned to capture them and keep them in captivity. This is essential for these creatures to keep populating the planet.

However, there are other tortoises that can be bought in specialized pet stores. The most popular are: red-legged tortoise (Testudo Carbonara), the yellow-legged tortoise (Testudo Denticulada) and the box tortoise (Testudo Carolina).


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