November 01, 2006

Ferret pet care: Part III

Tie them up slowly: Ferrets are social creatures that enjoy the company of people, thus give them time to walk around in a safe area outside their cages. Although they have an excellent smell and an acute sound sense, ferrets have a limited sight, which means that you have to avoid they make rough movements and talk to them softly when approaching to them.
Due to the fact that they have fragile bones, you have to handle them with care. NEVER lift up a ferret by the tail; on the contrary, let it come close to you, then lift it up from behind with both hands --one to hold its chest and the other to support its hip. You may hold it from the back of its neck and hold its butt with your hands. Remember that ferrets do bite. If you stick your finger inside a ferret cage and push it, it might think you are its enemy or a food supply.

Keep your ferret clean: Ferrets do into smell like roses. The sebaceous glands of ferrets, which it uses to mark its territory, segregate oil that smells like musk and the anal glands segregate a smell like a skunk. Consider sterilize it or change the cover of its cage with frequency. It can be useful bath it with ferret shampoo, diluted baby or cat shampoo. However, keep in mind that too much baths may cause that the sebaceous and segregating gland of the pet work in excess.

Ferrets are prone to have acari in its ears, therefore clean weekly its ears with a piece of wool dipped in a special cleaner you can get at any pet supply shop. As dogs and cats, ferrets are also prone to have fleas and ticks. The vet can help you adapting a cat and dog flea control program to the ferret.

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