December 30, 2006

Raising hamsters


The more preventive measures you take to avoid any disease, the more they will be safe to get them. Hygiene is a necessary condition for them to evolve and develop adequately.
By nature, hamsters are clean animals and they do not produce bad smells, since they frequently clean their hair with their legs and their mouth after eating. However, these habits will not be enough to prevent diseases.

For this, you will have to consider:

- Cleaning the cage one or twice a week, along with the bowls for eating and drinking. Make sure not to leave any rests of soap or detergent because these could be very harmful for the hamsters. At least once a week you have to clean the bars of the cage with a mop or brush to avoid parasites getting stuck there (parasites love gnawing cage bars).

- Clean everyday the deposits of food and water, and change these everyday.

- Clean everyday the place where they pee and make their depositions.

- On the floor of the cage place sand, thick soil and chips of wood. You may also get cat sand.

- Comb frequently their hair with a brush only for them (you can get hamster combs at any pet store).

- You have to place the place in a ventilated with good temperature.- Watch that they are not exposed to wind flows or rough changes of temperature, since this could affect their health.

- Once a month you have to disinfect the hamster cage to avoid the accumulation of parasites.

- During summer, take the cage of direct sunlight or put on top of it a cover since they might get sun stroke.

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