January 04, 2007

Hamster care tips

What can I do with my hamster while I clean its cage?

Hamster bags

In some pet stores they sell special transparent plastic bags where you can put your hamster and let it run around the house without getting hurt and damaging anything. They love it because they can explore anything and they feel it like in the wheel. They can be inside the bag for around 20 minutes. Though the hamster bag has breathing opens for ventilation, hamsters are very active and their breathing forms a water steam that does not allow air renovation inside the bag.

Wooden box

You can put your little hamster on a wooden box filled with sand. They love digging in the sand, and actually this can help cleaning their hair.

If you have a hall with no furniture, you can close all the doors and let the hamster run all around the place. But first, tell the other members of the family to be careful when they walk, because there have been cases when hamsters have been accidentally smashed.

Hot summer

Due to their abundant hair, hamsters get so hot in summer, so to have it fresh and cool you can:

Place a bowl with water in its cage so it can take a little splash everyday. You can buy a hamster pool or bath or plastic, glass or clay. Make sure they are not deep enough since the hamster could choke, and that they are wide enough, so when the hamster gets in or out the pool/bath does not turn upside down.

Change of water

The water must changed everyday. It must be fresh and clean so they can dip in safely. Make sure to protect to cage from wind currents because after a bath, since they are wet, they are more prone to catch a cold or any other disease.


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