January 07, 2007

Fish pet care

Fish are the most thankful, silent and decorative pets of the animal kingdom. The first step when buying fish is deciding what specie is the right for you. For this, you have to take into account some requisites: Not all fish are the same. Some are too fragile and hard to take care for beginners; and there are others that can result he most adequate if you have just discover your fondness for fish.

You have to take into account where the fish come from, because this will determine the type of water they would be able to tolerate. So, once you find out the origin of your pet fish, you have to pour on the aquarium the type of water they were born in (soft, hard, acid, alkaline, etc.).

Water, feeding, compatibility
Afterwards, it will be necessary to attend the species compatibility that is you have to find out if the fish you are going to buy can live together with other species, and which one can be.

Other issues as the size fish can get when they finish growing, the most convenient fish food, the habitat where they feel more comfortable in, the swimming levels (can they pump up high or low) are very important when you choose the fish you are taking home.

However, the first thing you will have to do is building or installing an aquarium or fish tank, and then selecting the type of fish according to the features of this. For this, you have to make a Ph test to determine the alkalinity of water and determine the structure and composition of the fish aquarium.

Healthy fish

In addition to this, it would be convenient to apply a series of tips to avoid buying a sick fish:
- You have to write down the recommendations of the fish seller.

- Check the color of the fish and make sure it does not have white spots, which will indicate a parasite disease.

- The fish tank or goldfish bowl should NOT show yellowish, greenish or dark tones, because the fish may be medicated.

- It is necessary to observe the fish behavior. The dorsal fin should never be retracted, except for the fish that naturally have it like that such as the Plecostomus and Corydoras.

- You have to verify not to pass the logic rate of mortality (1 to 2 fish in each aquarium/fish tank.

- Fish should not have a sunken belly. This demonstrates a possible bad nutrition or a parasite infection. - Fish breathing should be regular, not agitated.


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