January 17, 2007

Exotic birds: Toucan habitat

The natural habitat of the toucan is the jungle and the tropical forest, though its adaptation to the domestic environments is being successful. If we are thinking about buying a toucan we should build a cage or birdhouse adequate to its dimensions and needs.
Toucans are used to a determined habitat, and that is why it is important that if we decide to have one of these exotic birds at home it is necessary to buy or made a birdhouse to keep our toucan comfortably installed in it.

The birdcage has to be welcoming for the new tenant. It must be strong enough to resist the fondness of this bird to sharpen its peek. Besides this, this species is very used to climb through branches.

The new home for this pet has to be well covered and protected for the future descendants of our toucan pet.

Having into account that the variety of toucan species is around 42, it is better to choose as small specie.

The different species differentiate from each other mainly because of the color of their plumage and the length of their peeks.


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