February 09, 2007

Raising Snail Business.Part III

Where can I get snails to farm?

You can do it through wild recollection yourself, of pay somebody else to do it; or buy them from a snail provider you can find online.

To whom I can sell my snails?

In the U.S. the consumption of snails there is a considerable demand for this seafood, but it is much more significant in France, Spain and Italy.
This does not mean though that all snail farmers have to be exporters.
Basically there are two ways for snails sale:

- Becoming a snail provider that can buy your production to sell it to a compiler that buys small volumes of snails to get the enough volume (tons) to export them to the markets above-mentioned.

- Taking in charge of a whole snail production since the growing, reproduction, and increase for commercialization oversea.


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