February 07, 2007

Raising Snail Business. Part II

What type of place I need to farm snails?

You may use any type of physical space as barns, farms, rooms, etc. you have to consider that snails require a specific photoperiod, and all those structures that are not greenhouses require more electricity consume.

What kind of food snails need?

Snails can eat vegetables as balanced food as well. In the latter, you have to prepare ad hoc “dishes”, since there is no specific commercial food for this seafood.

What are the best temperatures for raising snails?

The best temperature to keep snails during their active cycle is among 55°F to 77°F. During hibernation periods there are necessary 45 °F.

The snail producer have to look to keep the adequate temperature levels to assure the survival of snails during their active cycle, that is of growing and reproduction.


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