February 03, 2007

Special: Raising Snail Business

Part I

Due to the increasing demand of snail in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries,snail farming have become a very interesting and lucrative business you can start with a relatively small budget and in your own place.
We are going to present a series of posts that will explain the basics you need to know on the raising snail business:

How much space do I need to raise snails?

Each type of snail breeds, according to its complexity, present different yields. This is directly related to the quantity of space you used to obtain a determined quantity of snails in a determined time.

When we talk about an intensive system, the performances are better and the space to occupy is minor, but that surface is much more expensive since you have to control temperature, moisture and electricity.

Different is the Italian system or complete biological cycle, where the soil surface of the snail farm is very large but only consists on one cultivated field.

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goki said...

to the snail farmer...

where can i learn to grow snail in a snail farm ...indoor or out door doesent metter...some videos from your farm are welkome thanks !


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