February 26, 2007

Snail farms

For raising snails there are at least two types of snail farms. Open panels are the oldest; they date back from the Roman, when they developed the production of snails in open, fresh and sunny places as the walls of their houses.
Nowadays, this mechanism has been intensely modified into walls of 18 to 21 feet tall with irrigation through aspersion, halls and shelters, with complementary plants for their nutrition.

Other type of farms the closed panel that consists of the adaptation of a hermetic place as a barn with plantations, which is conditioned with temperature and humidity equipment.

This type of snail farm is the most preferred by professional snail farmers to ensure the security and wellbeing of snails, which are fragile creatures that like to crawl over different surfaces, therefore they get hard to find by the human eye.

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Snail10 said...

Snail Farmer,

Can you recommend resources to help one set up and start a snail farm?
I have me surfing the internet and not finding a lot of info.


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