March 03, 2007

Building a snail farm

The snail business basically involves three different, but much related levels, that otherwise none would have sense without the others: Raising, processing and sales, in that order.

That is, there would be needed three different structures for a same purpose.

- First, the snail farm will be designed according the sale volumes in function to the demand.
- Second: the snail processing plant will not be so complicated, but it does have a relative important cost.

- Snail selling structure

We can deduce that the international sale cost will be divided in three. If we decide to outsource the two final stages we will be getting a small part of that selling price, or worse, not even cover the snail farming costs.

That is, the problem to resolve passes through the snail product processing for sale. This takes us to the conclusion that before putting up a snails farm, we have to have clear in mind if we are going to do it by our own or we will outsource. If it is the latter, we must have the exact cost of the snail processing (in the case of being able to rent the structure or the services), or the price the processing company will pay for our snail products, if it buys from us. Got this numbers, we can make our calculations on the probable area and profits.

Building a snail farm can be done with creativity and a “bit” of money, but a snail processing plant has to follow the rules and policies of state and sanitary authorities, lots of money and a bit of creativity.

You can choose to build installations to produce among 1000 to 2000 pounds a month. As long as the production increases, the initial investment will increase.
Getting the union of a group of snail producers of no more than 10 would be a great solution.

In fact, what the buyer will demand will be a determined volume of snails and a determined delivery frequency.

But, do all buyers demand the same quantity? The answer can be found through a market research. It is easy to suppose the resistance of other not so big “buyers”. There is the big chance for the small snail producer.


BEKEE said...

There should be step by stwp description of how to build a snail farm.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bekee where can we see a step by step description for a layman(beginner)?

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