March 24, 2007

Snail Raising Process

Do I start with selection or recollection reproducers?

You can start with any of these two options.

For the first one, SELECTION we would have 2 possibilities:
1. Buying reproducers with guarantee of age, reproductive capacity, and product and sanity certification.

The answers come up:

o Where to buy?
o Are there any authorized snail farms in the U.S. that offer guarantees?
o Should we import?

2. Make our own farm of selected reproducers, taking the time it takes. (3 to 4 generations).

Whatever the option we choose, we have to keep very well in mind there will always be the rule out for non-commercial size. Of course, using the option Selection, the number of not-so-good snail will be less.

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Ilan Pinski Farji said...

Man, i really see your point. Do you think, you could give me some more info, and tips please?

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