March 28, 2007

Snail Farm: Intensive System

It is the snail; farming system is the one that need the most of investment and professionalism. But in reward, it offers profitability as long as the investment made.

A detailed and polished planning, followed by a consequent and systematic organization is the key to make profitable an intensive system snail farm. You should have present the possibility is building a processing plant if you want to avoid intermediation, otherwise, it would not be rentable.

The Snail Product

To achieve having a snail product for sale it will be necessary to have a series of processes by stages. The fist step will be the set up of a reproducers farm. There are 2 ways:

- Buying reproducers with sanitary certificate an guaranteeo Recollecting snails from nature to form the farm.

- Buying increase the initial investment. You have to specialized places where they sell snail reproducers.

It accelerates the start. It is a way to make more viable the future sale according to the origin and quality guarantee that buy supposes. It entails a period of quarantine, of adaptation, having death losses during adaptation, during transportation from the original place, the incidence of pathologies; and others, adaptation to nutrition, or adapting new foods. Besides, overcoming importing processes.

Defining the number of reproducers of buying or recollecting according:

- Projected volume of reproduction
- Natural decrease of the number of eggs
- Eggs that do not hatch
- Natural mortality during reproduction
- Rule out of eggs and animals for not having commercial size.
- Natural mortality during all the phases of snail farming.

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Ivan Kostov said...

Hello,i represent snail farm in Bulgaria wich looking to make contact with snail factorys to place his product for the next year.We will produce from june to september around 100t snails and every next year will grow up.We would like to contact with people who can aford this amount of product.
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