August 04, 2007

Snail harvesting

Snail havesting - Small snail animals with finished edge must be discarded the obtaining by harvesting brings prepared some complications, although amendable.

He is more advisable to carry out it at the end of winter and beginnings of spring. They have all its reproductive potential and they begin its activity to plenary session. Just they leave the natural period of hibernation, is the moment of smaller risk with respect to pathologies.

Those snails of greater size are due to choose, (30 mm or more), observing that do not have the edge of the finished opening, this must be filoso, fine and of indefinite white coloration. The finished edge is white and defined well, with a thickness of approximately 1-1,5 mm and its appearance and texture they remember a tiled one.

This edge means to snail harvesting adulthood guarantee of the residual number of positions is not had, however the edge without finishing says of its youth and aptitude to us, giving us certain margin as far as the amount of future positions, although first they can not be optimal.


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