August 14, 2007

How to build a snail farm for harvesting

This snail farm project is aimed to construction of a professional breeding ground with the purpose to obtain a high income of international commerce level. Therefore, we exclude any chance of skipping any step of this process. Nevertheless the methods that are described are useful equally for any snail business no matter its level.

The first step to describe, is fundamental for ensuring profitability and to avoid serious problems once snail farming process starts.

Before introducing the snails in the enclosure of reproduction, to the effects of minimizing pathological risks, it is suitable to submit them to a process of wash under jet of soft water and to immerse them in some minutes in a receptacle containing some disinfectant and bactericidal genera:

Tip: Prepare a solution of blue of methylene reduced in water because of a drop in one liter of water.

Then, without need to dry them, they get in the tables, cages or elements foreseen for his containment, in a maximum number of 250 animals per one square foot of useful surface. The base of the cage is not considered to be a useful surface.

Tip: Use for this firstly stage cages with measures and design we will further explain in a next post.

After locating the snails in container, place them in salvers with clean water and receptacles with ground, for the positions, humid, clean and spongy to which you will ahyve to add 30 % of humus of earthworm that provides certain grade of very suitable acidity for the development of these mollusks.


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