April 14, 2008

Snail farming, a fast-growing business

A very interesting fact to take into account snail breeders: 300 000 tons of snail meat is consumed per year around the world.

The first consumer worldwide is France with 400 000 tons, followed by the emerging markets of Japan and the United States.

However, the problem is that the major producers as France, Greece, Italy and Spain are not able to satisfy the demands of other emerging markets as Mexico and Peru where the consumption of snail-based dishes is increasing.

So, what are they doing to satisfy the demand?

In Spain they are doing a research project to increase their annual snail harvest. They are working with the Helix aspersa specie (the most popular in Spain), they are scattering baby snail parcels of 4mm, where the vegetal covering gives shelter to the snail and provides conditions similar to its natural habitat.

Young fish are fed with fodder, which allows getting fast and uniform cultivations. Fodder increases the available useful surface of the parcels, which allows a great increase of the young density.

The growing and fattening phase combines supplying and fodder; and at the end the baby snails do not receive any more fodder and not consume the existing resources until the end of the cycle.

This method achieves 2 fattening cycles of 300 snails per 10 square feet (above the normal), preventing the diseases and problems related to the intensive system. In commercial terms, this means snail producers can adjust the raising cycles to the market high seasons and getting high production and prices for the sale.

Please take note this method was designed especially for the geographic and climatic conditions of AndalucĂ­a in Spain.

Source: ABC.es


Heinrich said...

HI I’m a South African and want to start up my own snail farm, can you help me get my first snails and some products?

nkem said...

hello, i have been doing research on snail farming and need to start one. i live in south africa .can you give me detail on how to get my first snail and market info?
tanks nkem

odis said...

Planning to start a snail farm in Prince Georges County Maryland, USA I would like any help I can get. Need to build housing and get start up stock.

triantafillos said...

hello I'm Triantafillos from Greece and I'm planning to start a snail farm of 3000 tm.my problem is to find a buyer which will buy for me at list for 3 years in a good price.Can you help me in this matter?In Greece the recommended way of harvesting is forcing houses,what is your opinion?

Bob Lawler said...

Hi, in the 90's I lived in Ireland. One of my neighbours, Lyndon Sheehan, started the Irish Snail Farming Company. They supplied baby snails to farmers, from their breeding house, along with the food and used to buy them back once mature. They built a factory at Goleen in West Cork and then moved to larger premises somewhere near Dublin. On the company farm they had a number of huge polytunnels about 50 or 60 metres long and I seem to remember they had about 50000 snails in each tunnel. I know the above may not be much good to you but it shows it can be done. Don't know where the guy is now, but there can't be many Lyndon Sheehan's, can there?

Benoit said...

The article refers to an annual 300 k snails consumption worldwide and 400 k for France alone. There is obviously a mistake here. Can you correct?

By the way, according to my figures, the annual consumption in France must be around 25 k. I based this figure on the combination of import, local production and gathering, and export figures.

So: what are Your sources to come to a.m. figures?

Thanks. Benoit

Anonymous said...

i have a small snail farm in Nigeria. i intend to go into processing and canning and i need as much information as i can get especially in the area of processing plants/lines.
u can reach me at tundenutshell@yahoo.com or +2348033387165.
Raji Olatunde

Anonymous said...

Hi Tunde,

I am Tutu, a Nigerian. I have been having this crazy idea about starting a snail farm-am not even looking at a small scale. i don't know why of all the business ideas people come up with this is what i am drawn to. i read economics and work in a bank so i don't have any idea about this. How do i start?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I’m Evangelia from Greece and I'm planning to start a snail farm of 3000 tm. My problem is to find buyers which will buy for me at least for 3 years in a “good price” . Can you help me in this matter? In Greece the recommended way of harvesting is forcing houses, what is your opinion? What is the recommended price? Thank you in advance.

Lucy Dell Aquila said...

I am looking to buy live snails to cook and eat them. I can't find any. Can anyone help me? I'll take frozen if I can not find live.
please.....thank you....Lucy

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am from Bulgaria, and I too want to star a snail farm. My problem is also the buyer. Any information about snail farming will be a big help. Thank you in advans

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Kostas and I started a snail farm last year with Fereikos Helix company in Greece.They buy all my snails with the best price in the greek market i found so far.

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